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About us

Manage the Information. Manage the World. Get Ready. 

Make it Simple. Red Team Partners.
Your Partner in Cyberworld.

Red Team Partners offers simple and reliable consulting services that help our clients understand their current state of cybersecurity and develop a plan to address any gaps in their existing security posture.

In the event of an attack, we provide guidance on how to respond and mitigate the impact of the incident. We assist in developing a comprehensive plan to contain the damage and restore operations to normal.




Summarize the plan

Specify the problems

Determine the goal

Time Plan


Collect Relevant Data

Understand the performance

Quantify Parameters Time Plan

Perform Measurements 


Find the root cause

Verify the root cause

Determine impact of root cause

Find out opportunity for improvement


Determine possible solution

Mitigate the risk

Test for effectiveness



Generate a monitoring plan

Sustain Improvement 

Update plan or regular basis

Maintain a routine

Office Locations









…Getting the report so quickly and the detail was great…

“I have enjoyed the entire process, good communication, and easy to manage the process from my side. Getting the report so quickly and the detail was great. I will shortly be in touch to discuss further security work with RTP. Thanks.”

Global | Infrastructure Manager | Civil Engineering Infrastructure Penetration Test

…Extremely likely to recommend…

“Extremely likely to recommend. Reports look detailed and give sufficient information to help resolve vulnerabilities.”

DevOps Engineer | E-Learning Providers | Application Penetration Test, API Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment

…Overall a great 5 Star Service provided…

“Very satisfied with the report. Overall a great 5 Star Service provided by Red Team Partners. No Worst part. Whole experience from start to end was Best! I would extremely likely (10) recommend you to friends. Hopefully speak again same time next year.”

IT & Communications Manager | Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing | Infrastructure Pentest

…Very quick communication and response…

“The best part has been your kind flexibility with me shifting dates quite a lot. No real worst part, and not much improvement I can suggest. Very quick communication and response whenever anything was asked. Report looks very professional and easy to navigate.”

Information Security Analyst | Non-profit Organizations Application | Penetration Test

…Overall the experience has been great!…

“I think overall we’re pretty happy with the report, thanks! The steps to remediation are pretty clear and concise thank you! Overall the experience has been great!

Lead Developer | Semiconductor Manufacturing | API Penetration Test, Azure Cloud Review, Infrastructure Penetration Test, Web Application Penetration Test

…You made the whole process seamless…

“You made the whole process seamless and communicated with us very nicely, making it hard for me to think of anything to improve!”

Head of Operations & Services | Internet Publishing | Infrastructure Penetration Test Web Application Penetration | Test

…I will NOT hesitate at all in recommending Red Team Partners…

“I will NOT hesitate at all in recommending Red Team Partners to my customers and friends. Thanks again for all your support.”

Vice President – Customer Success | IT Services and IT Consulting | Cyber Essentials Cyber Essentials Plus

…Thanks for persevering with us…

“Thanks for persevering with us, we finally achieved accreditation today”

Head of Information Technology | Paper and Forest Product Manufacturing | Cyber Essentials

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Manage the Information. Manage the World. Get Ready.
Make it Simple. Red Team Partners. Your Partner in Cyberworld.

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